Our Mission is to provide to the customer high quality comprehensive range of goods and services.

FKR Machinery Ltd. provides full range of services to the customer, from selecting type of the machines for particular needs and delivering it to the client, providing professional trainings, warranty and after-sales services, supplying of original spare parts.

We provide a wide range of special machines designed for construction and road building works manufactured in Japan, United States, South Korea and Western Europe- Italy, France: cranes, excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, telescopic handler’s, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, mining equipment, drilling equipment, and other types of equipment for special purposes. FKR Machinery Ltd. provides various ranges of attachments for all types of construction works: hydraulic breakers, buckets, hydraulic crushers, and many others.
For many years FKR Machinery Ltd. successfully working on the Japanese market of used construction machines. It allows us to supply our consumers used construction machines in good quality at low prices.

Main activities:

  • Supply of our customers with special equipment, produced by foreign manufactures. Further completion of the machines and adaption its technical characteristics for the needs of our clients’ activities in various sectors of national economy: wood industry, road construction, mining, maintenance of seaports, municipalities, etc.
  • In accordance with signed dealership agreements FKR Machinery authorized to provide warranty and after sales services in the Russian Federation and within the CIS territory, for more than a 100 different models of bulldozers, cranes, telescopic handler’s, loaders, excavators, dump trucks and other equipment;
  • Supplying customers with high quality original spare parts for the all types of Brands which FKR Machinery represents
  • Developing of Service and Spare parts network
  • Providing professional trainings to the customer’s technical staff, training correctly maintain, operate and repair machines.

Organization structure of FKR Machinery:

  • Headquarter- Russia, Moscow;
  • Warehouse complex’s and service centers- Moscow, Khabarovsk, Cheboksary;
  • Training centers - Moscow and Khabarovsk;
  • Warranty and after sales mobile teams of service engineers and mechanics, able to travel across the country and providing warranty and service care in the whole territory
  • of Russian Federation and CIS countries.
  • Coordinated team of managers and sales offices throughout the country.