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FKR Machinery Ltd. has an honor to be an official authorized distributor for machines produced by Kobelco Cranes, New Holland, Astra, Terex Finlay, Aebi Schmidt and Manitou.

Following the signed agreements we offer our customers the following types of work on warranty and service:
• Presale tuning and commissioning;
• Scheduled maintenance;
• Warranty and post-warranty service;
• Overhaul.


FKR Machinery pays serious attention to staff trainings. All our specialists: mechanics, service and warranty engineers are licensed and regularly trained. Our Service Department is able to cope with the most complicated repairs at modern equipped workshops situated in Luberci (Moscow) and Khabarovsk as well as using mobile workshops in the field. Our Service Team reacts immediately considering the high price of machines down time.

Please note that FKR Machinery also gives trainings to the customers stuff:

• Operation manuals;
• Tutorials for machine operators;
• Trainings and certification.

Formalities required for the warranty procedure:

• Service contract application form;
• Service contract.

Not all companies that use earth-moving machines have enough financial resources to update their fleet. Therefore the existing machines have to perform maximum efficiency. The most important for the machine operability support is its on-time technical state diagnostics, finding the reasons of malfunctions, and scheduled maintenance. These measures make the machine life longer and operation much more economically effective. One of the ways to reach the maximum efficiency is to switch from the service on the fact of malfunction to the preventive maintenance based on the predicted technical state of the machines, predicted residual life of the components and diagnostics of the possible defects. The prediction of components malfunction provides a constant monitoring of changes in their technical condition. By means of diagnostic equipment it becomes possible to determine current condition of the parts and units with a high degree of probability even without their disassembling. Therefore introduction of new diagnostic methods and equipment leads to formation of integrated system of maintenance and consequently to fundamental reduction of machines down time. The formation of such integrated maintenance system can be entrusted only to professionals that are regularly trained, possess all necessary technical information, special tools and equipment.

The service professionalism provided by FKR Machinery as the best dealer for sales and service has been many times emphasized by KOBELCO and NEW HOLLAND.

Our service department provides the following types of work:

• Diagnostics and defect reveal;
• Scheduled maintenance;
• Service in the fields;
• Maintenance guidance and tutorials;
• Detailed estimate of repairs with all items of expenditure and planned repairs, least cost reasonable option offer (the components are replaced only if it is absolutely necessary and unavoidable).

Advantages of FKR Machinery service:

• Prompt reaction and rapid service trips in the fields;
• Minimum prices and personal approach to each customer;
• European standards of quality.

Our company performs single service applications as well as service based on the maintenance contract.

FKR Machinery provides warranty for all performed maintenance.

We accept for repair:

• All types of New Holland and New Holland Kobelco
• All types of Kobelco cranes
• All types of Manitou machines
• All types of Astra trucks